Virtual G Pad – Audience response system

The Virtual G-Pad is a learner response system that brings interaction and flexibility to lessons, lectures, presentations, briefings, without the need for hardware handsets.

Virtual G-Pad is a cloud learner response system. Images are no longer restricted to the interactive screen or whiteboard as they can be displayed directly on the Virtual G-Pad.

Available on all iOS and Android devices, and works on all major internet browsers using our internet portal.

  • Works with your existing hardware (iPads, laptops, tablets, or smartphones) so no need for expensive hardware
  • Simple online setup procedures
  • Comprehensive and intuitive design
  • Present questions to a large group or a single individual
  • Cloud hosted and can be accessed using any web-enabled device from anywhere
  • Complements any BYOD strategy
  • Use existing literature to create interactive training sessions
  • Collate data instantly with real-time results
  • Supports all question types: true/false, multiple choice, yes/no, multiple mark, sequence, numeric, likert scale and text
  • Works with physical response handsets using the virtual handset application