Class Comm 5 – Audience response system software

Used with our Genee Pads, iQ-pad, Pebble or generic devices running our Virtual Pad app, Genee World’s Classcom 5 audience response software offers audiences and students the ability to respond instantly to questions posed by the presenter.

Virtual G Pad is now built into Class Comm 5 allowing you to conduct lessons without the need for any expensive handsets. Virtual G Pad allows the handset to be replaced by a virtual handset, which can be viewed though the web browser of any internet connected device or by using the free Virtual G Pad app on any iOS device including the iPad. We will soon be releasing an app for Android devices.

  • New simplified group option
  • New hockey and cricket group based games
  • Add spontaneous questions during a running assessment
  • Present activity/quiz in random order – great for re-tests
  • Auto-run option
  • Alternative/custom colour schemes for all charts
  • Connect up to 4 receivers, allowing for 1000 handset connection
  • Added localisation features
  • New look question summary report with pie chart